Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reebok Zigtech Treadmill Challenge

Live from OU..cinta is running for a treadmill challenge..the challenge is who's gonna burn the highest calory in one hour (non stop)..the winner will walk away with the grand prize of RM1000 and the latest Zigtech shoes courtesy from baby run!!!!..(aku ngan adik duduk tepi jadi pom pom gurl boleh la..hehehe)..
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Secrets In Daily Life

I received this tips this morning...agak2 yg mana berkenan, boleh la try yek...selamat mencuba!!!

1. Hot and spicy to tears, what to do?
If you accidentally eat the hot food that makes you shed tears, your first thought will be probably a glass of water. However, hot water is not a solution, it will make it more spicy. In fact, the best solution is to drink hot milk.

2. Keeping tofu firm
Soft tofu in the cooking process is very easy to break into pieces. If you want to maintain the integrity of tofu, you can soak it in salt water for about 30 minutes before cooking.

3. Soup is too salty
Making soup with too much salt, the subtle taste of the soup will be destroyed. If this happens, the remedy is to add cooked potato pieces for few minutes. The potato will absorb the salt. When soup id served, then remove the potatos.

4. Soak a little vinegar before cutting taros
Cutting taro can make your hands itching. Soaking your hands in vinegar before cutting taros will prevent your from itching.

5. How to remove the wax from an apple?
If you often eat apples with their skin, then you would need to remove the wax first before eating ....
(a) place the apple into hot water, the apple's wax will vanish.
(b) Apply toothpaste on the appple to clean out the wax.

6. How to slow down potato germination?
Potato buds contain toxic alkaloids which can cause abdominal pain and dizziness. Placing an apple in potatoes can significantly delay thier germination time. Ethylene gas produced by apple has hampered the effectiveness of potato development.
Putting apples together with papayas or kiwi will make them ripe faster. Further, apples can make persimmon astringency disappear but sweeten after a week.

7. How to make good rice?
After washing rice in water, add a few drops of lemon juice, (or a few drops of oil), cooked rice will turn out good and fragrant.

8. How to keep biscuits crispy?
When storing biscuits in a container, put a sugar cube in it at the same time. As the sugar absorbs the moisture in the container, biscuits or cookies can remain crispy and delicious.

9. What can be done if clothing stains with ink?
If ink gets on your clothing or fabric, you can use cooked rice or paste with a little detergent to remove the stain. Use your fingers to smear repeatly on the spot, stain can be removed quickly. Then soak it into fresh water with ordinary cleaning agent for a period of time before washing.

10. How to treat smelly shoes?
Put a small amount of baking soda directly into the boots, sneakers or shoes, that are obviously smelly due to dampness. Baking soda powder has the effect of absorbing moisture and odor.

11. Ring around the collar, or spotty under the armpit area of the clothing?
First brush some shampoo, shaving cream or lotion on the dirty area for five minutes. Then wash off the stain.

12. How to keep flower fresh?
Adding a little beer in the vase can keep house flowers fresh for an extended period of time. This is because beer contains alcohol whic is both antiseptic and disinfectant. Beer also contains sugar and other nutrients for the leaves.

13. How to sharpen scissors?
Stacked three aluminum foil together, then cut them with the scissors to be sharpen. You will see surprising result.

14. How to remove annoying gummed labels?
It is quite annoying when comes to remove the price tags on merchandise. To remove the gummed lables neatly, all you need is to use a hair dryer to apply heat on the label before taking them off.

15. What can you do with beer beside drinking?
Most peaple know milk is good in cleaning foliage plants. In fact, use leftover beer to wipe plants is even better! Dip a cotton ball into beer, lightly wipe leaves to remove dust and keep them lustery. Furthermore, this method also prevents ants from coming to the plant.

16. What to do with unwanted perfumes?
Before throwing them away, unwanted perfumes could be useful. You can use unwanted perfume to clean indoor light bulbs with cotton balls. When the bulbs light up and warm up, the whole room would be filled with the aroma.

17. Remove crayon graffiti from wooden furniture.
If you you kids at home, wooden furniture are subject to crayon graffiti. Crayon stains can not be removed with water. Although the use of paint solvents can do the job, the paint on the surface could be damaged. The most suitable method is to use toothpaste. Not only it cleans, it does no harm to the furniture.

18. Use vinegar to help mopping the kitchen floor.
The kitchen floor is often easy to get greasy. Before mopping the kitchen floor, pour some vinegar on the mop. This will enable easy remove of grease.

19. How to remove stains from tea cups?
Stained tea cups can affect their appearance. To clean up the stain with a man made loofah cloth the cups would have scraches in the long run. Just spread a little toothpaste and hand-wash the cups, stain can be removed easily. If the stain is too thick, wait a few minutes after applying toothpaste before washing.

20. Improved floor sweeping
The unused stockings can be attached to a broom to clean the floor. Stockings can help sweeping up cotton, hair and other particles that are difficult to sweep with an ordinary broom.

Supper Time!!!

Lama giler kot xmkn supper..sejak2 keje ni..pukul 11pm jer mata aku dh lalok..nk kata penat keje, bknnye keje angkat batu..duduk ngadap pc jer kot..hehe..out of sudden, cinta teringin nk mkn ke kedai mamak la jawabnya..

....Anne!!! Roti Nan Cheese Satu!!!!....

...sedap jugak pekena kedai mamak skali skala...

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kenduri 2 in 1

Baru terhegeh2 nak cite pasal kenduri..padahal dh 2 minggu nyer cite kot..lantak la yer..dari blog ni sunyi sepi..ini kenduri utk azhar (die dh selamat jadi suami org) and for a newborn baby hulaif..kira 2 in 1 la ni..pengantin request no big kenduri for him..buat malam sudah katanya..bila abah kata nak letak pelamin, die dah ketar lutut..itu pn nak cuak..apa daaa..hehehe..nak tak nak, kena la ikut kehendak pengantin..

hulaif cukur jambul

This round tak bape nak letih..sebab semua katering..mak, kak long and kak nurul cuma masak gulai labu ngan bubur kacang jer..yang lain2 sume tempah menantu2 ada ample time utk melaram..hehehe...

with pengantin


us with pengantin baru

....As usual, pengantin baru mesti kena dera basuh periuk belanga...baru la hidup aman bahagia...hehehe...selamat pengantin baru to azhar and fiza...semoga bahagia dan kekal ke akhir hayat....

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jalan2 kat Danau Kota

Just went back from cinta's ofis..payah btl org2 finance ni..malam2 pn kena keje..beruntung dpt wife cam aku..sggp temankn suami..(padahal takut nak duduk umah sorg2)..hehehe..while waiting for cinta, aku pn sama sebuk berfb..apa lagi nak wat kan..emm..baru dpt taw td Ron97 naik lg seposen..apakah??? Aku rs baru jer naik ari tu kot..aiyokk..mesti naik lg brg2 pasni..expenses makin lama makin naik..gaji bile mau naik daaa..huhuhu..stress2..bila dh stress, harus la cari tmpt mkn..konon melepaskn stress melalui makanan (keji sggh)..hahaha..

Done with all the work stuff, we went to Old Town..pekena kopi sat..cinta craving for white coffee..lama dh xlepak malam2 camni..rindu plak zaman2 uni dulu..stkt nk lepak smp kul 2-3 pagi tu xde hal la..skrg..jgn harap la..kul 11 tu pn mata aku dh berat semcm dh..(adakah ini tanda2 penuaan????..huwwaaa)..pas makan, jalan2 kat uptown danau kota..its been a long time since the last time i've been there..rsnya, lps kawin ni la 1st time aku dtg..(fuhh..lama sggh)..macam2 barang ada kat sini..dari kain baju, kasut, selipar, cadar, u named it..sampaikn panties pn ada..rilex jer abg tu gantung panties kat dpn kedai die..malu kot nk dlm byk2 kedai, aku paling geli ngan satu kedai ni..

Ishk2..camne la diorg leh biar lintah tu kat muka diorg..dekat muka okeh..muka..aku nmpk pacat kat betis aku pn aku dh pucat kn pulak nk letak lintah kat no no no..meremang bulu roma aku tgk..memang aku salute abis la ngan abg and kakak yg berani berubat ngan cara ni..kalu aku, nmpk jer lintah, dh sebatu aku lari..aku geli okeh!!!!....
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