Saturday, January 30, 2010

30th January 2010

....MY SISTER TURNS 18th on 30th JANUARY....

Happy burfday sis
You are now eighteen
Now it is your time
Your time to be free

So eighteen is a very difficult age I think
You have to enjoy and study very hard
You have no time to go out with friends
You have to think for your future, sweet heart

But the good think is you are older
No body can push you around
You can say I am two meters
From my head to the ground

I don't want you to grow up
Just be my little baby
I do want you to study hard
But not go far, to university

Happy burfday my lovely sis
I hope u're just not older but wiser too
I'll always love and be there for u
As u're my sweet dearest sister...

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