Monday, November 16, 2009

>> Glitz & Glam Nite <<

Venue: Berjaya Times Square Convention Centre.
Date: 13th November 2009
Theme: Glitz & Glam

Being in the committee team for such big event make me feel nervous and stress...Ape taknye ktorg just have about 1 week to organize this annual dinner...memang challenging sungguh2 la...but thank god sume penat lelah ktorg berbaloi coz the event went very smoothly and GLAM...let the pictures tell the story yaaaa.....

Dinner Hall

Na & Kak Eda bekerja keras



Registration Counter

With Nanda, Kak Eda & Jeffrey

Kim & Jenny

With Fifi the mak buyong

Photographer of the event

Sume menyenget nak amik gambo

The most happening performance

Best dresses


Cinta fetched me around 12.30pm...sempat lagi singgah rembo makan roti telur...ha ha...not me was a loooonnggg day for me...nasib baik ada kak eda, na, harjit ngan kak nor kalu tak, entah la...tak siap dinner hall tu agaknye...hehehee...thanks korg...and well done to all committee members for this event...kamu sume memang wooorrrrlllddd laaa!!!!!!!!

....aku bisa tersenyum...hehehe....

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