Saturday, November 20, 2010

3R: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

Rainy saturday..perfect time to sleep..forced myself to get up from the bed coz i need to go to work..we have a CSR project that will be held throughout Malaysia today..our campaign is to promote 3R awareness among ourselves and the community..reached office around 8.20am..signed in and tooked my eco bag and breakfast..sampai2 tgk keQaseh dah sampai dah..tapi Qaseh bad mood la..tak cukop tido kot..cian kat die..

Around 9am, ada short briefing from our boss..basically, we need to clean and tidy up our own workplace and collect all the papers, bottles or any items that can be recycled..and not to forget to distribute the eco friendly bag to the community..nasib baik la our sector chose the easiest task..other sector ada yg pergi bersihkn tasik and zoo...some sector chose to visit the orphange home or even hospital..bayangkn la kalu ktorg g zoo kena bersihkn kandang buaya..xke naya..hahaha..

After briefing, the work hard begins..sekali berkemas camni mmg byk giler la paper yg nak recycle, yg nk kena shred..terasa bersalah la pulak sbb aku salah sorg yg contribute to global warming..after this usage of power and papers need to be reduced by 20%..elakkn pembaziran..hehe..

ini la keQaseh..hehe

11.30am, we gathered in front of starbucks downstairs to take a group photo and walked to Central Market to distribute the eco expected, xsmpt smp kat CM, bag aku dh abis..supposed kitorg kena explain what is the campaign are for but xsmpt nk ckp, diorg dh dpt bag terus blah..nmpk sgt la kan..barang free, sapa xmau..ishk2..within 10mins, all of our hand's team dah kosong..sume bag dah yilek pocik..sng kan..hehe..

I think it is a really good campaign coz tanpa kite sedar with our little effort, we can still contribute to the community and to the environment..come on our planet..make 3R campaign as part of our lifestyle!!!!

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