Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ishk...i was so frustrated when i watched The Amazing Race Asia 4 at 701 just now...Malaysian team (Ethan & Khairi) has been eliminated from the race...they actually got the chance to be the first team to finish the race but unfortunately they chose the wrong task during the road block...i'm expecting there will be a non-elimination at the end of the race but apa nak buat...memang dah xde rezeki diorg...btw, congratulation to both Ethan and Khairi for being in the top 5...

And good luck to the remaining 4 teams who will be continuing their journey to win USD 100,000 (kalu aku xsilap la)...(pictures from google)...

Richard and Richard (Philippines)

Lani and Jess (Philippines)

Hussein and Natasha (Indonesia)

Michael and Claire (Singapore)

....Never give up as winners don't quit and quitters don't win....

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